Posted on Nov 29, 2018
10 things your captain will never share in your flight... not selling aviation jargons, but walked everyone through the details usually don't pay too much attention. Simply an airman prospective to serving the flying community  
Besides their jobs, do you know what else are pilots doing in the cockpit?
How much fuel does one 400-ton 747 Jumbo jet can load when taking off?
Why each flying crew needs to have different meal varieties especially for pilots?
These are just parts of the speech by Mr Mark Ma, former captain of EVA Airways with 18 years track record. Plenty of stories and adventures along with his career were shared by slices. He walked us through some details which we may miss out during the flight, and helped us realising the importance of in-flight safety from buckle-up to first-aid, scheme of anti-terrorism to in-flight CCTV network which are related to passengers.  The career with dead-or-live moments also made his beliefs to cherish his family, and keen to better serve the communities.    
Mark is now the Friend of Rotarians for Auckland South and will be joining as a member shortly.