20220630 Changeover
Let the imagination take off -
Changeover at Rotary Club of Auckland South

When President Erica handed the Rotary Club Presidential Chain to incoming President Madison, it marked the 9th year of this 
migrant base Rotary community is marching forward on the avenue of greater sustainability.
The ceremony of 108 fellow Rotarians, friends and families, was cited by prominent VIPs from Consulate General of Republic of Korea, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Auckland Councillors, and Mark Anderson, Major Gifts Officer from the Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office based in Sydney. 
President Madison acknowledged the fabulous performance in the leadership of IPP Erica for her presidential stint, also highlights the club commitment on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) with emphatic appreciation.
To deliver the new Presidential theme of Imagine Rotary, the Club introduced its freshly awarded dancing programme from recent "Rotary Got Talents" to all the participants, which presented the unlimited imagination that any Rotarian can accomplish also demonstrated our Diversity in ethnicity, Equity in project initiatives, and Inclusion on fellowship and partnership. 
Together, the club celebrates its changeover and more importantly, embraces all the possibilities for any Rotary projects that change the world in good causes. That will be the core of new leadership by President Madison.
Written by President Madison Chen of 2022 - 2023
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