"Happy Birthday to PP Janet"
On the 2 Sep 2021, PP Janet was invited to share her life story during our Zoom Meeting whilst we were in Level 4 lockdown in Auckland. She shared many stories with us. She spoke of her childhood, adolescent years, romances, the schools she had graduated from, her career and work. She also told us about her experiences of immigrating to New Zealand. Solely one hour was much too short to hear her whole life. All of us hope to one day hear more.
PP Janet immigrated to Vietnam with her parents when she was in intermediate school. There, she experienced the horrors of the Vietnam War. She studied incredibly hard in school and her most important achievement was to learn fluent English, which would help her significantly in work and later in life.
She began attending the night school of Taipei First Girls High school when she moved back to Taiwan. Following this, she majored in Chinese in the Department of Chinese. I thought it was impressive for her to major in Chinese first because she had spent most of her time studying English when she lived in Vietnam. Just a short time after, she transferred to the Department of English. She went on to receive the highest mark in English at her university graduation. This was a testament to her capabilities and wonderful work ethic.
Peking Opera – the photos of PP Janet where she is wearing the costumes of Peking Opera surprised me. I had not known that she was involved in the opera as a university student. Her photos show a beautiful, charming, attractive young girl. PP Janet did her own make up for the roles she played on stage. I like the Peking Opera. It uses the skills of speech, song, dance, combat in the way of movement, as well as Chinese music instruments. It is truly a traditional cultural treasure of Chinese Art.
PP Janet is grateful to her dad who sparked her love for the Peking Opera. She shared with us the photos of her and her dad, these captured moments showed when she was performing on stage with her English teacher and friends when she was at University. She was charming and looked so professional. During university, she joined various different societies not only Peking Opera, but also the Drama society amongst others. She took on a multitude of important roles, including performer, MC and group leaders in the university Societies.
Not only was she busy studying and performing at school, but PP Janet also had the time to fall in love. Her now husband was also an outstanding leader in the school. Most groups that PP Janet joined were girls’ groups. But he followed her every moment that he could. He became the only male in the group. Their story was one of romance and devotion. PP Janet married him a couple years after she graduated from school.
The first company PP Janet worked in was the AIR ASIA Company Limited in the South Taiwan (Tai Nan). She has since worked in Wang Laboratories (Computer technician company) (HsinChu, North of Taiwan) after she married and had children. Then when her boss started his new business, Siemens Telecommunication Systems Ltd (Taipei, North of Taiwan), he invited PP Janet to work for him as an important secretary to run the business. Because of this, PP Janet has had to travel back and forth for work from South Taiwan to North Taiwan for the last 10 years.
PP Janet has had many experiences in a diverse range of workplaces. But she has always had outstanding performance at work, no matter what the role is. From a secretary at the first company, to the secretary of general manager and R&D commentator in Wang Laboratories, she has also had commendable experiences being the helpers for English speaking guests and government officers. We can see from the photos that showed PP Janet at her work, just how hard she worked and the effort that she put into doing her jobs well. It also showed us the confidence that she had in herself as well as her clear enjoyment and pride in her work.
PP Janet has been an executive secretary, a commentator, a foreign guest receptionist, a English translator, the company spokesperson, the general manager, Public Relations Manger… etc.  We have now learnt about the reasons for she could do everything so wonderfully. She is a creative talent who has done many projects successfully. One of the projects she mentioned which gave a strong impression and that she received good feedback from was the “Looking for outstanding staffs in campus – the FIRST TOUTH with Siemens”.
One thing that shocked our mind and souls as we followed the journey through her life, was the moment that PP Janet mentioned the “AIR CRASH” in 1985. It happened on the way while she was travelling to attend the Main office meeting in Phoenix, U.S. She showed us the photos of the accident – the flight was flying at risk and they were forced to get off the plane in San Francisco. She refused to get on the plane in the U.S. because she was so scared. But as she felt that she had a responsibility, she still went to the meeting. The photo that she has, where is a business proposal of more than hundred pages while standing outside the conference room made me realise just how incredible a woman she was. She has had such a “Colorful” and “Worthwhile” life.
I always enjoy attending Rotary Meetings as it gives me the opportunity to listen to Rotarians or Rotarian’s friends sharing in their experiences of work, life and family. It always makes me appreciate how everyone has lived such diverse and vibrant lives. It is the same feeling that I had at this zoom meeting. PP Janet’s story is interesting, enjoyable, and dramatic which only makes me want to know more. We all expect to hear from her again in upcoming meetings.
Written by Daisy, edited by Jocelyn
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秘書Daisy無法用文字來形容這次例會給我人生的啟示,感謝『龍女』PP Janet分享的她『龍飛鳳舞』的精采人生。我們凝聽的人都如臨其境,同時又意猶未盡,期待再一次的分享。
PP Janet初中時隨父母移民越南,親自經歷過越戰的恐懼。在越南的外語中學生活,為她流利的英文紮下深根。回台灣後的學生生涯,北一女夜間部,靜宜文理學院中文系轉外文系。高分的英文成績從學校畢業,成為後來職場上展現工作魅力的根基。
父親京劇的啟蒙,在校期間舞台上的『京劇人生』,我們跟著PP Janet 提供的相片與講述中,回味著她在校中,一場場粉墨登場的精彩演出。Janet說著父親對她的影響,與父親的合照中,我感受到父愛與Janet小女兒般的嬌寵。學校演出的相片,張張都觸動著我。我也想跟Janet的外國老師一樣,當她身邊的丫鬟,在舞台上跑跑龍套,也過過戲癮。學校期間,Janet參加平劇社、話劇社、主持人,活躍於校內不同的社團,體驗著各式各樣的舞台與累積未來的生活經驗。
在靜宜女子大學時,Janet的先生非常「緊跟」,與Janet在一起的學生生活圈裡,他成了『萬紅叢中一點“綠“』 也是個活躍於社團的學生。Janet在校期間,擁有了她的愛情。成為唯一『綠』中,一心維護的『紅』。這段愛情故事,我也好期待另一次的分享。
Janet畢業後,第一份工作是在台南的『亞洲航空公司』。而後因為結婚、生孩子、老闆的賞識等等原因,新竹科學園區的『王安電腦』、台北的『吉悌電信』,Janet 跟一群理科男在一起,還是『萬綠叢中一點“紅”』,工作上成了工作夥伴中,不可或缺的『唯一』, 頗有楊家將中耍槍的穆桂英巾幗不讓鬚眉的風範。
Janet體驗不同的工作人生,就像職場的百科書,樣樣都有,各個職位都表現出色。第一個工作擔任部門秘書,新竹科學園區擔任總經理祕書,並兼任王安電腦R&D研發的解說員,接待外賓與長官。每張相片上,不但可以感受到Janet在工作崗位上的盡勁,也看到張張相片Janet 那美麗與自信的笑容。
PP Janet工作人生中所扮演的職位角色,不知道有沒有比她學生時代在舞台的京劇生涯角色多更多。執行秘書、解說員、外賓接待員、翻譯員、公司發言人,總務經理、公關經理。。。好多好多的工作職位。似乎可以從相片上看到Janet在工作上游刃有餘的應對。她工作期間的創意發揮,她提出的不同方案,其中之一有她覺得很滿意的『校園徵才 - 吉悌電信第一類接觸』的企劃案。相片中,她舉杯在宴席中,也可以體會到她說的她的『酒量驚人』。
PP Janet分享她生命中遇到的『三個伯樂』。讓她的人生豐富精彩。也說及在工作中,1985年要到美國總公司開會,在飛行途中遭遇到的驚險空中危機。看著她分享的飛機飛行下降各種驚險飛行圖。而後在害怕中,拒絕繼續飛行,還在舊金山被連拐帶騙再次上機,飛到美國鳳凰城去開會的經歷。相片中年輕的她,甜美的笑容抱著大約有6公分厚的開會文件。這樣的女子,真的好迷人啊!
Janet的分享,精彩有豐富。是人生的百科全書。體驗了人生的悲歡苦樂。短短不到一個多小時的時間,一起『穿越Janet人生的旅程』還不能盡興。很希望能聽到更多的分享。 參加例會的社員 ,跟我一起有100%的體驗。 沒參加的社員與朋友只能讀到我寫的1%。下次要來喔!這樣的『人生之旅』,很值。
Secretary Daisy
Rotary Club of Auckland South
PP Teri:
謝謝Janet 分享她精彩無比的人生至味台灣篇。期待下次更多的待續篇!Hug! 
我錯過開宗明義的序章,只聽到北一女補校。Madison漏了不是六十年,是三十年精華!哈哈!我們一起努力賴吧!(Madison Line下方的回覆)
PP Eric
@Janet 謝謝您今晚精彩的演講,精彩的人生故事,期待下一次的續集。
PP Daisy
感謝PP @Janet 今晚例會上的精彩分享。 妳所經歷的人生, 是一本書充滿冒險, 充滿知識,內容豐富的一本書。 今晚感覺我只是翻開了書頁, 只看到了第一章,就還想繼續讀下去。
President Erica
非常謝謝Janet的分享,台灣篇, 多采多姿,精彩絕倫。再相約part 2哦!一定再安排時間聽續集, 今天是意猶未盡, 妳的人生傳記我們都想繼續往下讀。
PE Madison
因家裡剛好有點急事,錯過了Janet静宜,亞航,王安,吉悌之後的介紹,一個人60年的經歷要用60分鐘説透實在需要續篇,期待後面再多幾個60分鐘。目前爲止Janet介紹了三個“貴人”以及各自的Whys, 希望續集中也介紹自己人生中最值得記錄的時刻(無論好與不好)以及Whys.萬謝也期待!
PP Janet
@ ALL 謝謝大家的迴響,不枉費我從車庫尋回舊日塵封的老照片,懷舊真是有點 … 已經講到37歲移民紐西蘭了,感謝 Erica 社長的邀約,如果大家喜歡,我一定講完我的人生足跡
社長Erica 邀我聊過去經驗點滴,我猶豫過,這是第一次公開講自己並分享了這麼多照片,真是突破我的底線;也許看到身邊許多好友(包括我們的 CP Kitty)已經離世,對仍在身邊並還志同道合的社友特別珍惜,就豁出去、攤開來地講上一講吧!再次謝謝妳費心又抬愛的文字報導,感恩