Tree planting
It was such a lovely day in Waiatarua Reserve, Auckland New Zealand today. It is the 4th year that our club has joined the Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise for tree planting in this park. We saw the trees that we had planted in previous years having now grown much taller with lots of birds flying around them. It was amazing to see. We truly appreciate what the volunteers have achieved over these years. You can watch the video attached to see how much we have enjoyed and appreciated being part of this volunteering. Thank you to the Rotary club of Ellerslie Sunrise for organising this event.
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please note, the video has no sound. 

特別喜歡1‘06秒處 @Walter Hsueh 跟兒子互動的鏡頭。 甜甜的滋味。🥰😊❤️