Posted on Jul 28, 2018
Viva Eclectika ... ... When the East meets the West and the Old sparks with the New ... ... What an fantastic intercultural dance biennial challenge organised by The New Zealand Asia Association Inc. Diverse music, glamorous clothing and skilled dancing by 10 different groups, the competition was truly intense. Congratulations President Vivian Chow and team for another successful event and once again to all the dancers who performed at RC Auckland South's Cultural Night.
Fellowship - Viva Electrika Dance Competition 2018-07-27 12:00:00Z 0
Speaker - The Voice by Paul Young 2018-07-25 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 24, 2018
Rotary Club of Shanghai Fellowship Dinner. Thank you Clement for sharing with us your visit to RC Shanghai, I'm sure you had an enjoyed gathering at this lovely Spanish restaurant.
Fellowship - Visit RC Shanghai 2018-07-23 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 21, 2018
This is one of our club's regular community services project - helping out with organisation of Dove Hospice donation items. 形容人潮踴躍是 「人山人海」,因為社區眾人的愛心捐賑,Dove倉庫裡等待整理的衣服簡直是 「衣山衣海」。
Community Service - Dove Hospice 2018-07-20 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 16, 2018
OCAC secretary change over dinner. Thank you Secretary Liu for your tremendous support to RC Auckland South in the past 4 years, we really appreciate all your help. Welcome Secretary Chung! Looking forward to continued collaboration with OCAC in the near future
Fellowship - OCAC Secretary changeover 2018-07-15 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 14, 2018
For over 35 years Rotary NZ's Emergency Response Kit has been providing immediate relief to our Pacific Island neighbours in times of natural disaster like cyclone, flood, tsunami or earthquake. Each kit contains more than 60 essential items for a family in an emergency. Members from our club working hard with other Rotary volunteers packing and assembling this year's kits.
Community Service - EMK Project 2018-07-13 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 12, 2018
PP Teri came back from Toronto after attending Rotary International Conference. Thank you for sharing with us latest RI news and developments. We also heard from IPP Daisy on how she achieved the "Most Enthusiastic Rotarian" award
Club Event - No 154 2018-07-11 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 07, 2018
District officers changeover ceremony held at Quality Hotel, Parnell. Rewarding night with heart warming award presentations. Congratulations to IPP Daisy for being awarded "D9920 Most Enthusiastic Rotarian 2017-18" which she absolutely deserves (in my opinion). I look forward to work along new District Governor Ingrid and her team towards another amazing Rotary year - be the inspiration!
D9920 District Governor Changeover 2018-07-06 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 05, 2018
First board meeting of the new Rotary year 2018-19. We all know "a good beginning is half the battle - 好的開始是成功的一半", the committee had a fruitful discussion. Congratulations to Andy for his new job in Taiwan, we wish him all the best
Board Meeting - July 2018 2018-07-04 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 14, 2018
On the 14th June 2018 Rotary Auckland South had their change over from Daisy Ping to Janet Lee. We thank everyone for their support to have an outstanding and unforgettable year!
Now that we begin our next chapter with Janet's Service of 2018-2019 we hope for your continued support in our vision.
Club President Changeover Night 2018-06-13 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 25, 2018
Harbourside Rotary Club organized this Ireland - International Evening. Also celebrating 4th Anniversary of RC Auckland South. Dress up as Irish. We enjoyed the night and had fun. Nice Fellowship. We love 9920 family 
4th Bday at RC Harbourside International Evening 2018-05-24 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 11, 2018
Visit Mobile Health Clinic. The project took approximately 2 years to complete, with an overall cost of $171,000. Funding was sourced from four Rotary Districts (9920, 9940, 9970 & 9980).
Rotary Clinic Bus 2018-05-10 12:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 06, 2018
今年度大奧克蘭扶輪社, 一共八人報名參加年度幹部訓練.
這個訓練是我五年以來第三次參與, 課程內容越來越札實, 每次都有學習到新知. 感恩~
Daisy Ping Emily Shih Erica Tu Janet Lee Kitty Chung Sam Chen Sarah Kao Walter Hsueh
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LETS Training (9920區 幹部訓練) Walter Hsueh 2018-05-05 12:00:00Z 0 Daisy Ping,Emily Shih,Erica Tu,Janet Lee,Kitty Chung,Sam Chen,Sarah Kao,Walter Hsueh
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