Rotary Clubs of Ellerslie Sunrise, Pukekohe & Auckland South (District 9920)
Working Team
22 Rotarians and Friends/ Finished 107 Boxes
Tea Time to Relax
Rotarian At Work
ERK at Avondale
Emergency Response Kits
We had an amazing day today. 22 Rotarians and friends from Rotary Clubs of Pukekohe, Ellerslie Sunrise and our Club Auckland South (District 9920).
Team Work is such a nice thing for ERK. Some people were unpacking, some people were opening boxes, some people packing, some people closing up the boxes at the end.
We had a break time to have beautiful desserts, drinks and plentiful conversation. This was our relaxation time to listen to music and do warm ups and cool down exercises.
It started from 9am and finished at about 12:20. 3 hours to work together with different clubs and spend quality time together. Creating a wonderful memory.
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我社第二次去幫忙打包島嶼急難救助箱,Pukekohe扶輪社Ellerslie, Sunrise扶輪社, 總共三個社22個人, 包裝了107箱, 成果豐碩,扶輪9920區ERK負責人Gabby播放好聽的音樂,有置身於森林中凝聽音樂的感覺。大家一邊工作,一邊聽音樂,還有點心時間。其中有兩次,Gabby還帶大家跟著音樂, 舒展筋骨。扶輪一家人。一起完成一項工作,特別的開心。